About Sopandai

It is a one-stop educational service provider that offers various educational services, including education consultation and university placement services. For International students who wants to study in Malaysia and online English classes.

At Sopandai, we provide the consultancy  services you need to get into University of your choice. Additionally, through our university placement services, students can find their best-fit university for study in Malaysia. We pride ourselves on seeking campuses that will help students thrive in the next phase of education. We believe there is always an environment that matches every student based on their academic, social, and learning strengths.

As the year 2023 is here, students around the world have their goals to get into the best institution of their choice. The students really put their best efforts to go ahead in their studies, co-curricular activities, and admissions tests to secure admission to their desired University. Now, no worries, as Sopandai is here for all those international students looking to secure placement at the best universities in Malaysia.

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